Gabe Newell and the Curious Comment

Yesterday, Gabe Newell,  co-founder of the video game company, Valve, stated that Portal 2 will be the last stand alone single -player game the company will make.

But what about Half-Life 2: Episode 3? Or, for that matter, Half-Life 3?

Valve is known for their amazing single player experiences. Half-Life 1 and 2 hold a place in many people’s minds as being two of the greatest games of all time. And now they don’t want to do single-player anymore?


What’s interesting about this statement is that Portal 2 isn’t strictly a single-player game. Valve included a full fledged co-op mode in it so that you can play through puzzles with a pal.

Does this mean their future games might consist of more of a co-op mode compared to a solely single-player mode? Are they just going to include the option to play the game single-player while the game is meant to be played with others? (i.e. Left 4 Dead 1 & 2)

I trust Valve. They’ll make an amazing experience no matter what they do, single-player or multi-player.

But they do not need to go in the path that Blizzard has. Release your games. Don’t scrap them at the last minute after letting thousands play it at video game conferences and conventions. Stick to your word. Release Half Life 2: Episode 3.

I can wait for everything else. Team-Fortress 2 has started to lose it’s flavor with the Mann Co. update. Counter-Strike: Source has been dead to me for awhile.

Just verify the future for your fans. Let us know for SURE that Episode 3, Half Life 3, Counter-Strike 2 (Newell commented on this awhile back) are being worked on and will eventually be in our hands. Portal 2 is amazing, and we need more.

The good 'ol days...


I know, I’m late. But save some cake!

Last night I beat Portal.

What a little magnificent gaming gem.

I’ve heard it was good, and I’ve seen all kinds of things about it online, but I just never got to playing through it.

I did it last night in one sitting. The game is a pretty short game, I believe I clocked in completion at right around two and half hours or so. But it was a fantastic experience.

For those who have not played it, you are a “test subject” in the labs of Aperture Science. You are set through a course of nineteen tests in order to test your skills in puzzle solving when dealing with portals.

Your “guide”, GlaDOS, talks to you as you progress, and drops a few subtle hints about having a “party” once you complete the tests.

This is where, as many of you I’m sure have heard already, “The Cake is a Lie” comes from.

I’m not going to say anymore because if you haven’t played it already (like me as of last night), you should.

Also, when I first heard of Portal two years ago, I did some research and found that the company that created Portal (which were bought by Valve) created a game prior to Portal that compasses the same idea.

Barnacular Drop.

You still have a portal gun, except think of a more fantasy setting. You are a little girl (possible a princess, I forget) that is captured and put in a castle. You must escape, and that’s where the portal gun comes into play. Almost exactly like Portal.

But, if you’d like to play through it, it’s free.

Play Portal. Savor it and enjoy it.

Get ready for Portal 2 which comes out next month.

Grab a buddy, because there is coop in it! (last video)