The 360 Has Come Full Circle

I bought my original X-Box 360 more than half a decade ago. Six years ago, I was in awe of the system and just couldn’t wait until I could get my hands on one. I vividly remember sitting in my¬†high-school¬†band class gawking about the system to my friends. “Oh my gosh, Need For Speed looks so awesome on the 360!”

Then things were taken up a notch.

Gears of War was announced and no one could believe their eyes.

Every video game system has a game like this. A game that comes out at launch and attempts to push the boundaries that existed at that time. Gears of War was the 360 one. Developed from fame and style of their hit Unreal Tournament series, Epic Games brought to the gaming community a game that was just as frantic as their other games, but used a cover system. Cover systems were unheard of at this time. The game also was fused with pure violence. Elements from the Warhammer 40k universe were brought into the game with enemy types with nods here and there to the Tyranids as well as the bread and butter weapon of the CoG: The Lancer.

An automatic machine gun with a CHAINSAW on the end

Gears of War was my first AAA title experience on the X-Box 360. That was five years ago.

Yesterday, Gears of War 3 was released. With it comes enhanced gameplay, better graphics, and a more streamlined interface.

The end of the trilogy is also something that comes along with it.

Which means no more "BOOOM BABY."

It represents more or less the end of a period of my teenage/young adult life. But it also means that the 360 is nearing it’s end now more than ever.

Bungie’s epic Halo arc is over (yes I know Halo 4 is in the works, but not from Bungie), and the Gears of War trilogy is over. The two initial staples and original exclusive juggernauts of the system are complete. Years ago, 2015 (the projected end of X-Box 360’s life cycle) seemed like a long time. Now, with Gears of War 3 here, that date doesn’t seem too far away.

I’m curious to see how much time will pass until there becomes an official announcement of a new system tech from Microsoft. Next Summer? A year or so? It’s hard to say.

But I believe that the release of Gears of War 3 is the beginning of the end of Microsoft’s Sophomore year in the video game industry.