The New Arcade

There was an interview done with Ed Boone (the creator of Mortal Kombat) earlier this year. In short, he said that online gaming on consoles is essentially this generations Arcade.

He makes a valid point.

Online gaming has been around for a good while now, especially on the PC. But, the console online scene is still relatively new. X-Box Live has flourished, as well as the Playstation Network.

And, as we’ve talked about before, Arcade’s are dead.

I can see his point though. Especially with fighting games. All fighting games have a mode that really brings the feel of the arcade back to life. You have eight people in a game. One guy fights until he loses. If he keeps winning, he continuously plays more and more players until he loses. People can enter and leave the game while these fights are going on.

Just like standing at an arcade machine.

Fighting games are really the best example I can think of though.

Racing games sort of have that similar feel to them, but racing games online tend to be pretty dense. Some large scale racing circuits go on, ranking systems. It just gets complicated.

Fighting games can to, don’t get me wrong, but they are also a much more simple type of creature.

I’m not sure if on-rail shooters are going online now a days or not. I can only think of a hand full on the top of my head, most of which being on the wii, so I really doubt they do. I could be mistaken. But if that was the case, that would be a good arcade experience by keeping your game online at all times so that anyone can hop in a join your game at will, just like they would at an arcade,

Need help with this level in Time Crisis? Let me just insert some quarters… and there.

And with fighting games being all the rage now, I think Ed Boone had it right. Want to get that good ‘ol arcade feel again?

Get a slushi, and go play a fighting game online.