The Summer Itch

The weather is warming up. The sun is shining, and flowers are blooming.

I wake up every morning, and head to my University.

I open the door, get my stuff, and walk out of the garage.

As soon as I step out of the garage, a little voice says in my head:

“Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal…”

Just kidding.


“Don’t go to class. It’s such a nice day outside. Enjoy yourself.”

It’s definitely Spring semester.

I, alike every other college student, am ready for classes to be over.

I’m ready to get out of classes, not just to be done with them, but to be closer to the big movies of the summer.


Thor comes out in less than a month on May 6th. It’s hard to imagine that it’s almost here. I remember when it was announced. Thor’s really almost here.

Then come the next big two: Green Lantern, and Captain America.

A lot of things I have been hearing regarding Green Lantern seems to be very mixed. Fans of Green Lantern are extremely pumped with the new trailer. Critics on the other hand appear to think that it’s losing steam and that it’s going to flop once it hits the box office.

I think it’s going to be huge. Yes, some sources are calling it “the next Star Wars”, which I think is over hyping it a little bit, but I think it will be the next step for super hero blockbusters. Thor will be good. Captain America will be good. But Green Lantern will be great.

The problem with Thor is that not everyone, even those who read comic books, are really interested in him. I for one was not interested in him at all until J. Michael Stracynski began writing his phenomenal Thor run. But, for a lot of readers he tends to be a “boring” character. I know there are some huge Thor fanboys out there, but I don’t believe Thor has the mainstream push that other super heroes might.

Captain America is a well known super hero. But, I think he falls into the same category as Thor. Yes, he’s iconic to the Marvel Universe, but how many people that are not comic book fans will go out and watch the film? The trailer is good yes, and leaves anticipating it’s release. Yet for people who have never read the comics, or just those outside of geek culture, will probably see him as a really cheesy super hero.

I mean, his name is Captain America.

Captain America.

Almost as cheesy as Super Man.

Green Lantern on the other hand looks to be a high octane, space odyssey. And if things go right, it will be the biggest hit of the summer.

Yes, he’s similar to that of Captain America and Thor with those outside of the geek culture not really knowing who he is, but I think Marvel has set themselves up for failure by letting Green Lantern come out after Thor.

Thor will create the want for more. More super heroes, more action.

Green Lantern will quench that thirst. And then it will begin to dwindle once Captain America comes out.

I will be going to see them all, so I’m not bashing Marvel here whatsoever.

Just guessing the future.

Oh, and before I forget. We also have the new X-Men First Class coming out as well. For that one, I wouldn’t expect too much. I would just expect to have a good time. It’ll be a fun movie regardless of the critic reviews.

Also, remember to tune into HBO this Sunday and 9:00 for episode 1 of Game of Thrones. It’s gonna’ be epic!


Television Update – The Dark Tower

Thanks to my favorite Podcast, The Geekshow.

They just gave an update to the Darktower movie/television show in their “Broken News” segment.

Apparently they will be releasing three feature films, and a limited television show in between said films.

So, we might have it look a little like this:

Movie 1 ( Book 1 ), Season 1 (Book 2), Movie 2 (Book 3), Season 2 (Book 4), Movie 3 (Book 5), Season 3 (Book 6).

Interesting approach on completing the series, but I believe it will work.

Ron Howard has a large task at hand. This will also be Javier Bardem’s role of a lifetime as Roland.

Om nom nom.

Treachery Mania!!

This is a big month for television. Like fantasy settings? Like treachery and intrigue? Like large scale battles?

Then look no further.

This month, we have seen Shotime and Starz begin their new television seires.

The Borgias, and Camelot.

I know a lot of people out there really like Jeremy Irons. Well, he is the head honcho in the Borgias. So definitely tune in.

Next, we have Camelot.

Guinivere is hot. I believe this is the first thing I have seen her in since the re-make of Casino Royale. I wonder if this goes along with the BBC series Merlin?

Don't think so.

But, the big news come here.

On Sunday the 17th, Game of Thrones begins on HBO.

As I’ve stated before, I am currently reading book one of the series. And I absolutely love it. I’m really intrigued to see how they translate a lot of the things from the books into a television show. I’ve got high hopes for this show, and since it’s on HBO, you can definitely expect high quality.

It’s awesome to see such an amazing series become a television show. I wonder if this a sign for things to come if it’s succesful?

Wheel of Time series maybe? Drizzt? Kingkiller Chronicles?  We can only hope.

And, on a side note, just to go a long with all of the fantasy settings, this past Friday, Your Highness. If you’re not expecting anymore than just a typical “stoner” comedy based in a Medieval setting, you should get a few laughs from it. It’s not the beset thing in the world, but it’s funny when it’s funny.

Also, with all of my reading and with all of these television shows popping up, it really makes me want to go to Medieval Times. I’ve never been.

I wonder if it will be anything like this…

Double Dipped Geekdom

How many copies of Star Wars do you own? I own them all on DVD, and VHS. But… How much is too much? How many times should the geek community continue to purchase the same film over and over again in order to get an extra 20 seconds worth of cut film?

I’ve fallen victim to this double dipping scheme many a times, and I don’t regret purchasing the same film or book over again. For example, the Absolute editions of comic books that come out are absolutely worth the cost if you were a fan of a certain comic book. You get a over sized hard back with all kinds of extra goodies to boot. But films are a little different creature. When you go from such a large change from VHS to DVD, I can see it being worth the money. But when the Blurays come out for Star Wars, they don’t add all that much. Yes, they will look absolutely beautiful on a nice HD TV, but how much more can Lucas put into them that he cut out from the original cuts? No one really wants re-done graphics, or merging Hayden Christenson into the film, or better yet Jar Jar.

The Star Wars blu rays come out this September with the set whopping class of $139.99. That price seems a little steep, but everyone knows the average Star Wars nerd will buy it.

Another series similar to Star Wars that’s been infamous for double dipping is Lord of the Rings. With the original dvds, they released the standard dvds, the director’s cuts, and then the ultimate editions. THREE different sets of the same film that came out within three or four years of each other. They’ve already released a blu ray edition of the trilogy, but it’s missing all of the extra features that the last edition on dvd came out with. So, most people bought that I’m sure, and once the ultimate edition comes out, I’m sure they’ll spend close to $139.99 to get them again.

Fans will be fans I suppose. But how many times can you release a film with extra stuff on them that the previous edition lacked? I can understand new formats… but come on guys. Help us geeks save a little money.

But you know… How can this get old… and Imagine this in blu ray.



The Geek Years

2011 and 2012 are the years of the geek.

Every fanboy’s comic book adaptations are becoming a reality.

Television is going the way of the comic book, as well as film.

But is that a good thing? Well, most would say “Oh my GAH YES!” but, in reality do we want these stories to be put into the big and small screens?

Walking Dead was a hit. There is no question there. The show did so well that the original date for season 2 (which was Halloween once again) got upped to sometime this summer. I want to say August. So, the success of the Walking Dead has brought on some other comic book titles that might become television shows. The comic book Chew by John Laymon has been in talks for awhile to become a television show. Chew is about a cybopath. A cybopath is someone who can eat something and see everything about that one particular thing (where it grew up, how was it’s life, how it died and what not.) He’s a detective for the FDA and works to solve cases regarding chicken (which has been outlawed.)

Chew has been optioned for a television show on AMC (right along with Walking Dead.) But as of recently, I’ve noticed many television shows coming out that are basically blatant rip offs of comic book material. Theres several paranomal investigation shows dealing with fairy tales (like Fables.) Cop shows that deal with super heroes (like Powers.) A guy who discovers he is someone like Harry Potter and that the books are real (like The Unwritten.)

In movies we’re getting Captain America, Thor, Amazing Spiderman, X-Men: First Class, The Wolverine, Iron-Man 3, and the Avengers. Lots of comic book films. The geeks dream. But here lies the problem. A cult favorite series which became a movie and recently came out on DVD and Bluray (Scott Pilgrim, and Kickass) were fanboys dreams. But the geek community made a fatal error. They did not go out and see the movie. Scott Pilgrim is due to the production company showing the movie for free at Comic Con MULTIPLE time during the week. So, all of the people that would have went to go see it in the first place and pay money for it did not go see it. Why? Because they saw it for free at Comic Con. Everyone wanted a Kickass movie also. I remember walking into my comic shop and seeing that Kickass (the comic book) would be constantly sold out. When the movie came out, no one went and saw it. Geeks MUST see these movies if these movies are to survive. The bigger titles will do just fine, but for the smaller cult titles that come out; if geeks do not go and support these films, they will just stop making independent comic books into films. And no one wants that.

People have to support these movies if this genre of film is to stay afloat. Big title or not, if these movies are finished and reviews negatively by critics and the fan base does not support the film, these movies will die. And the geeks dream of seeing Thor fight the Hulk will never come to fruition.

So, if you want your television shows to stay on the air longer, and if you want your movies to keep coming on. Go see them. Watch them. Support them.

If you don’t, be prepared for them to disappear.

Amazing Spiderman just can't come any faster, can it?

2011, Formerly Known as 1950.

2011 is going to be an odd year for film. Not only is it going to be a phenomenal year to be a geek with all of the comic book movies coming out this year, but it’s also the year of the alien. When was the last time aliens were cool? I know we’ve had several alien movies that have been sporadically spread out through the years, but when were aliens cool last? The mid 1990’s I guess. I remember having a little puter silicone alien head necklace when I was younger.. but anyways. The beginning of this new fad I guess began with Skyline which was received pretty negatively by critics. But let’s look at the alien releases coming out this year shall we?

– Battle: LA

Looks like Skyline... Except without all the terrible.

– J.J. Abrams’ Super 8

J.J. Abrams is always promising.

– Paul

Simon Pegg and a slacker alien? Could be good.

– Cowboys and Aliens

James Bond vs. Aliens.

– Mars Needs Moms

– Monsters

– The Darkest Hour

– Area-51

That may not even be all of them, but it’s enough. We went from Vampires, to Zombies all over the media, to aliens. I’m not even sure what really sparked this alien revival. The re-launch of V maybe? But that’s been doing awful in the ratings categories as of recent. But, let’s take a step back and think here. Alien films and science fiction films were very popular back in the 1950’s. What else was a fad back then that has come back now? 3D. Granted, I’m not sure how long this fad will be around since many films have been dropping the 3D option of their films, I.E. Christopher Nolan in the next Batman film. But I don’t know, we have 3D televisions now. That may be a sign that some kind of this technology is here to stay, but it’s an odd thought. Who would have suspected we would be sitting at home with 3D glasses on watching movies and sports? The only way I can see this technology actually becoming a success is if the 3DS technology takes off, which eliminates 3D glasses. I’ve already mentioned that Toshiba has started production of Televisions that do use this technology, which in essence is two or three screens behind each, which emulates the 3D experience. Although it would not be as vivid as the image the glasses would portray, it would probably save people from some head aches in the long run. And to be honest, who knows what this technology is capable of.

Another thing that could save 3D would price. They need to drop the ticket prices to 3D movies, and I know it’s just time that effects this, but the televisions need to drop in price as well so that more people can afford them instead of just the high class elite.

3D might be here to stay. I guess it would be the proper evolution of television and film though. What’s the next likely step after High Definition? 3D I suppose. I’d rather just stick with anything that doesn’t require me to wear 3D glasses all of the time though, just sayin’.



Weird, eh? What goes around comes around I suppose.

Also, as goes for media and fads, head on over to Io9 to check out these new tv shows coming this fall.!5748341/every-new-science-fictionfantasy-television-series-that-could-be-coming-this-fall

February Fun

Fellas, it’s that time of the year again It’s February. That means it’s time to take out your lady to a night a fine fancies and delights. Yet, all is not lost guys. The month of February hides a little something something for you as well. Next Sunday is Super Bowl 45, Steelers v. Packers. Some of you may not care, you of you might, but the Super Bowl has something in store for each and every person whether they be geek or jock. For the jocks, they get a great football game played by two of the greatest teams in the NFL currently. For the geeks, they get to see the funniest commercials as well as the most nerdtastic trailer premiers around. Which trailers you ask?




There’s also a chance that the X-Men First Class trailer might be shown as well.

Maybe good?

That’s enough to get any geek out of the house to go to some sort of Super Bowl party just to see these trailers. Now, Sunday will come and go, and then the big V day comes.

Guys, take your woman out and treat her well. That’s her day and night, so make that love bubble over. My plans are not in stone yet, but just a couple of ideas for those who do not have any sort of plan whatsoever. If you can get a little money, roughly $130 dollars or so; take your female friend to the Melting Pot. A little expensive, but absolutely delicious, and oddly fun. It’s a fondue restaurant, so you technically cook everything together with a little help form the waiter. I’ve been there a couple of times, and both times have been absolutely excellent. They can even arrange it so that they have some flowers prepared for when you get there. Two birds with one stone! Love is in the air ladies and gentleman, now go find a date.