My Epic Book Disorder.

I love high fantasy.

I love a good ‘ol knight and magic story.

Always have and always will.

But, I have a tendency that, to when I get into book one of a big series, I HAVE to finish the first book, no matter how good it is.

Even if it’s not good, I always tell myself “Keep reading, there’s twelve more books! It has to get good at some point!”

Many times this is true, but sometimes it’s not.

I love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Granted, I have book ADD so I’ve not completed the series yet.I tend to read one book of a series, then read another book of another series. If I don’t do this, I burn myself out and will never finish a series. I remember the third book of the Wheel of Time took me like a half a year to finish because I was burnt out on the characters and setting. But anyways.

Thirteen books are in the series so far, and the final book comes out at the end of this year.

The Wheel of Time series has gone on so long, that the original author, Robert Jordan, actually passed away while writing it.

Crazy stuff.

So, Jordan’s son chose a author to complete the series: Brandon Sanderson.

I’ve heard good things about Sanderson from one of my co-workers, so I was pretty excited when I heard this.

He releases part one of this three part conclusion, but then he also releases part one of his ten book epic.

Way of Kings.

What set me back here is that a typical Wheel of Time book is around anywhere form 600-800 pages.

Way of Kings is 1000 pages.


That’s a brick. A door stopper. HUGE.

He’s finishing one epic, and beginning his own epic.


The Wheel turns as it wills.

So I bought the hardback edition of Way of Kings excited. I was intimidated by the size, but something told me that this book was going to be a grand experience.

The reviews I read were good. The beginning of each chapter had pretty pictures. There were beautiful drawings depicting things that Sanderson described throughout the book.

So I loved it right?

A Highstorm is brewing...

Yes and no.

This was one of those books where 500-600 pages could have been shaved off, and I would have loved the book ten times more.

Sanderson had to build a universe from scratch. So he had his work cut out for him, and that’s where a lot of the filler comes in from.

He has to build the environment, the culture, and the religion.

He did a fantastic job.

But, there’s just so much I can take of reading about people waking up, feeling bad for themselves, and complaining about it. There’s quite a bit of that, no matter if there are a slave, or a noble.

The world is plagued by Highstorms.

Highstorms, in our world are basically just super cell thunderstorms. They cover the world, and are devastating.

The Highstorms generate Stormlight, which is used in the gems they used for currency to make them more valuable (i.e. when the gems glow).

The Stormlight is also used for dangerous weapons known as Shardblade, and fantastic armor known as Shardplate.

The Shardblades are essentially summon-able light sabers. Shardplate is kind of like putting on a robotic exo-suit that gives the user incredible strength and agility.

Only a handful of people have these two things. And if you do, you are the elite of the civilization, and most likely a leader in the military.

There are also people that have been Stormblessed.They can “lash”, which means they can control gravity around them.

Think of the book as a mix of Star Wars, The Matrix, and any high fantasy environment.

In the end though, if you’re looking for a long book with heavy dialog with a few good action scenes, this is the book for you. It is very dialog heavy… Very.

But, still a good book. I enjoyed it, even though I just wanted to get to the end. So give it a look, but don’t let the size discourage you.

Currently, after hearing many rave comments from friends of mine, I’m reading Game of Thrones. Hopefully I can get through it before the television show starts, but we’ll see.

Epic books, ❤


Turn the page, wash your hands.

“I’ll never get one of those. I like having the BOOK on my SHELF.” I once said this when talking to someone about the Amazon Kindle. Well, I must say that I have taken back that comment and fully apologize to Amazon for doubting their magnificent little reading device. I love my Kindle.

One would think that reading a book on an electronic device wouldn’t work. I hate it when I have to read material for class on the internet. It just doesn’t keep my attention as well, and it’s sometime just hard to read. Well, when I first started reading on my Kindle, that was the mindset I was in when I began reading. It is the exact opposite of what I thought it would be. After reading a couple of books on my Kindle, it’s hard for me to read print books now. There’s something about the e-ink technology that the Kindle has that actually makes reading easier on my eyes, and easier to follow.

But the Kindle is just one small example of something big that’s been taking over the media industry. Digital Distribution.

Instead of purchasing physical books, I’m finding myself buying e-books instead. They go onto one device, and I can delete them and get them back however many times I want due to the Cloud based system Amazon uses to distribute. I’ve already gone to just downloaded music via i-tunes instead of purchasing their physical counter-parts. And I’m even buying video games digitally now through Steam and not second guessing myself.

If someone asked me a year ago how I felt about digital distribution, I would have told them that I see it going no where. Now I’m eating my own words because it’s actually all I use when purchasing media (with the exception of comic books, which I still hold strong to not purchasing digitally.)

But, I believe that it is the way of the future. Granted, I’m sure physical media will never disappear, but I believe that most will be spending their money via digital transactions. It’s more convenient and for the most part cheaper. On Steam for example, each week they have sales for video games that sometime mark down games that will sell retail for $49.99 for $15.00. Steam also does large bundles of video games for a discount price. Also, if you need to make more space on your computer for something else, just go ahead and uninstall the game. If you want to get the game again, just go to your games library and re-install it. No more sitting at the computer waiting for the prompt to insert “disc #2”. It can also keep your save files on your system JUST IN CASE you want to re-install the game later to play. The Kindle is the same way with books.

One thing about the Kindle that might seem a little odd upon hearing is that I don’t like turning pages anymore. Sounds funny right? Such a small task turns into a hindrance? Yeah, I know. But I find the one button click of page turning to be very nice. It also helps me stay into the book without taking me out of the story by turning the page. It sounds weird, I know. But once I started doing it, it’s hard to go back. For example, I’m reading Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson currently. It’s a 1000 page door stopper and it’s a pretty good book so far. But like I said, it’s a door stopper, so it’s a HUGE hard back book. The pages are big with a small font, and it’s hard to read comfortably while in bed. And I find it almost laborious to read now that I’ve read books on my Kindle. The Kindle is a small portable size, so no matter what book you may buy, the Kindle’s size will never change. You never have to worry about lugging around a large hardback book again.

Digital media is here to stay. And I’m not afraid of it being around. The collectors may not like it, but they are not the majority of consumers. If you’re skeptical of digital media, borrow someones Kindle and give it a try. Download Steam ( and see what it has to offer. I KNOW you have i-tunes, so go browse the music store and see if you like it.

I can call myself a supporter of the future of digital distribution. How about you?

And let me reiterate one more time of how much I LOVE MY KINDLE.

The Fall of Release

Fall is typically the time for things of new… For everything but mother nature. The fall line up on television rears its head, great video games seem to come out each week, and fantastic music all come out right at the same time.

For example, last tuesday a small game named Halo Reach came out. Thinking back on the games that have come out this year, they seem to shy in comparison to Halo Reach (with the exception of Red Dead Redemption and StarCraft II.) So, as gamers get their game time in protecting Reach from the Convenant, another small little game called Civilization V came out today. Now, Civilization V is more of a cult game than Reach is. It has a very loyal following, but since the game only comes out on the PC (minus Civ Revolution) only those special breed of gamers on the PC have access to it. Time management is becoming a must if one is to get their prime game time in now a days. I’m juggling StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, and Reach currently, and I have to say it’s getting tough because I have friends on each game that want to play. But, let’s look ahead a little further. Later next month, Fable III and Fallout New Vegas comes out, and then in November we have Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Little Big Planet 2, and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. All BIG games for the gaming industry. And most of them have collector’s editions, which if your a geek like I am, you have to get for a whopping $79.99 (or even 149.99 for the Call of Duty Prestige edition). Things are getting tough financially for the gamer.

But moving on, this is just a pleasant surprise for me, but music wise, today I learned that a new Jimmy Eat World album and a Ben Folds album comes out on 9.28.10. That’s NEXT week. 2010 has been a fantastic year for music, no matter what genre you’re interested in. I can only hope that someday soon our “Pop” artists steer away from this odd techno dance funk everyone seems to be stuck in. I guess I miss the 90’s and early 2000’s music too much sometimes.

Lastly, Manhattan Boardwalk is another HBO blockbuster that will be dominating television like the Sopranos once did. Sadly, I don’t have HBO, so I have to look forward to new episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia each week! Now don’t get me wrong, there are many other television programs coming out this fall, but when it’s aired on CBS or NBC I tend to be wary. Hawaii 5-0 actually has been well received in closed showings, so I’m actually kind of excited for that. “Book ’em Dan-O.”

Books – The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro.

Anyways, this year has been a busy year, and it will only get more crazy as it goes by. I just hope that the Comic Book industry starts kicking back in gear soon. Maybe once Bruce Wayne returns…

Now go and conquer the world.