Losing Power Sucks

Last night I had one of those nights where everything possible that could go wrong in thirty minutes did.

We had some bad thunderstorms last night, so to lose power in my neck of the woods was to be expected. Well, it didn’t happen when the storms came. It didn’t happen when the storm passed. I was excited.

So I finished printing off some things for a open note/book exam for a class the next day, finished my studying for another exam, and I began playing some games.

I started playing League of Legends with a few friends of mine. The storm had been gone for roughly an hour and a half. The NCAA Basketball tournament was over (the storm was at it’s worst during the tournament). Things were looking good.

I hopped into the skype call and we began playing. The game was going well, and all of the sudden…

Flicker… Flicker…

The power goes out.

Downstairs, where my computer is, has no windows or anything. Just odd office style ceiling lights.

So I’m sitting in complete darkness. I get up, manage to make myself to the door to go upstairs and…


The power comes back on.

I text my friend, tell him what happened and get back into the game as soon as my computer booted back up.

We surrender that game because of that and decide to try one more game of League of Legends.

The power was on for fifteen minutes, so I assumed that nothing was going to happen.

The game begins and everything’s going well again. Awesome!

Flicker. Flicker. Flicker.

Power goes out.

I text my friend, hoping he wouldn’t be overly mad, telling him what happened and that I was done for the night.

I make my way upstairs in the darkness and go into my room.

I can hear the wind gusting outside. A tree must have fell on some power lines.

Okay. It happens.

I start thinking to myself of things to do since I’m not really ready for bed.

Can’t read my Kindle since there is no light. I didn’t feel like lighting a candle and bringing it into my room either. So I gave up on that.

Oh, I know! I’ll get my DS out and play some of Pokemon Black. Great plan.

I pull my DS out of it’s case, and notice that it’s got a red light near the power button. Great.

I start playing, and about three minutes after I began, the DS died.

So no DS fun time.

What do I do now?

Well, be an awesome boyfriend and call your girlfriend of course!

We talk for a bit, and she needs her beauty sleep.


The fates are dooming me to just go to bed.

I tell her goodnight, and look at the Twitter feed on my phone and see a few tweets from a couple of my favorite comic book writers: Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman. The tweets are tagged with #Gameofbones.

AKA porn tweets related to Game of Thrones.

Hilarious stuff.

Bad night.


Also, in the light of the

The Electro-Social Bind


I found an article on Kotaku.com that also sheds some light on a similar issue.


Check it out. It’s a fantastic read. Great article.

Electricity is involved in almost everything we do, it’s scary.


Yahoo Answers says:



Daft Punk vs. Aretha Franklin

I had a dream last night. It was a dream so vivid that I found myself remembering the entire thing once I woke up.

This, was my dream.


For some reason, I was hitch hiking on I-75 heading north. I suppose I was trying to get home. A black escalade pulled over to let me hop in, and from the outside it seemed that the van was rumbling all over due to the music from the inside. From looking in the windows, I could see that it was very colorful inside with lots of pulsating colors everywhere.

I stepped in the car to thank the party that picked me up, but the music was too loud for them to hear me.

This is who picked me up.


Castor from the Tron Soundtrack was blaring on the inside. They both turned to look at me, and didn’t say a word. They turned back around and we began driving. We were heading downtown. Not a word was said the entire trip, and then suddenly one of them turned around and handed me a pistol. I took it, because… you know. It seemed like the right thing to do. I guess.

We pulled up to a receiving area of a building where 18 wheelers drop off their goods. We sat there for a moment, music still blaring, when a white van pulled into the parking lot. One of them held up a hand to signaling me to stay behind. They stepped out of the Escalade and walked to the front of it. The white van pulled into park near the Escalade.

This woman stepped out.

With a chrome desert eagle in hand.

She pointed the gun at the Daft Punk duo and started singing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”.

Daft Punk looked at each other briefly, nodded, and pulled out two 50 caliber machine guns.

I began opening the door to get them to stop, and then Aretha turned the desert eagle towards me and said “I TOLD YOU TO COME ALONE.”

One More Time began playing.

And then I woke up.