Drinking and Video Games

It’s that time of year again! Yep, you guessed! BREWFEST time in World of Warcraft. Not quite Oktoberfest, but Brewfest is a fun time nevertheless. Some may find it appealing to, you know, actually go out and get drunk. But others actually prefer getting drunk in the cyber realm of reality. The use of alcohol has been prevalent in games, especially within the last decade. One of the first things that actually comes to mind is the drunken stupor you can get Nico to in Grand Theft Auto IV. One would actually go to a bar in the game, become intoxicated, and basically play a mini game by trying to stay on two feet as you walk out of the bar heading to your car. Virtual drunk driving, aint that the bitter end?

Nico had a rough night.

But, back to Azeroth. Brewfest is the World of Warcraft equivalent of Oktoberfest. It is a time where the Alliance and Horde can come together and have drunken shenanigans in a make- shift armistice. In each Capital City (Orgrimmar for the Horde, and Ironforge for the Alliace), players come together to drink away their raiding worries, zap pink elephants, eat many kinds of sausages and cheese, and save the say from the Dark Iron dwarves from stealing kegs. And of course, each year Coren Direbrew comes to try to ruin the party, so a swift kick in the pants is always in order for him to get his loot and mounts.

Oh Brewfest...

And if you aren’t careful…

After a day of binge drinking, this is usually where you find yourself.

These two examples are only two of many video games that have some form of alcohol consumption involved. It’s interesting to see how the love of drinking is actually popping up into video games. Some cases, in a good light, and in others, a bad light. Yet nevertheless, even in something as silly as Brewfest, drinking has become such an accepted part of society that we pursue it in the virtual world also. And don’t forget, beer are go good with pizza.

So, go grab your stein and have some fun, and always have a designated driver for your vehicle… or your mount.


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